Light Up Origami Crane Bookmark! LEDs & Circuits

Origami bookmarks can be even cooler with LEDs. Learn how to make an origami crane bookmark that lights up! With the help of LEDs and copper tape (or conductive thread and/or conductive ink pens), we can create a simple circuit that powers the LED on the origami bookmark when the book is closed (or when pressured is placed on the battery and both the negative and positive sides are touching the corresponding charges of the copper tape).

This LED origami bookmark paper craft was created using the Starter Kit from Chibitronics, which includes LEDs, copper tape, and an instruction booklet (“sketchbook”) on how to create a simple circuit, parallel circuit, DIY switch, blinking slide switch, DIY pressure sensor, and more. Origami, paper crafts, and circuits can easily come together.

Origami bookmark design and pattern by Jenny W. Chan, Origami Tree, Copyright 2016. This tutorial may NOT be replicated.


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