Origami Squirrel – Origami Baby “Chibi” Squirrel – Raymond P. Yeh

Origami Squirrel Raymond P Yeh

Origami Baby “Chibi” Squirrel by Raymond P. Yeh | @reneeraeyeh


In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to fold the Origami Baby “Chibi” Squirrel designed by Raymond P. Yeh. When I stumbled upon this model on his Instagram earlier this week, it became an instant favorite of mine. I love models that are cute, and simple – and these origami squirrels fulfill both criteria. I knew that I wanted to dedicate a video to this model. Special thanks to Raymond for his generosity in sharing his diagram. 🙂

I hope you enjoy the origami video tutorial. Don’t forget to read Raymond’s bio below! It would also mean a lot to me if you could subscribe to my channel on YouTube and share with all your origami-friends. I try to post fresh content throughout the year – “try” haha.

xo Jenny

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About the Designer: RAYMOND P. YEH

Raymond enjoys and makes simple and pureland designs/folds mostly for himself, his family’s enjoyment, and for his growing family of ori-folders (600+ ori friends) on Facebook, who keeps him going and inspires him to create. His current designs were inspired by seeing a lot of “Chibi” ori-models on Facebook. “Could be the trend.” 🙂  So Raymond decided to make his own chibi family of animals from a basic base fold.Raymond enjoys origami thematic challenges/competitions, has a 7-year old flickr account, and a 2-year old ori-blog – which allows him to share his joy of folding. “Reneerae” is a combination of his daughters’ first names.Raymond was fortunate to have designs published in OUSA-The Paper (2x), included in the OUSA diagrams list (Horse Head), AEP Pajarita 2014 & 2015, BOS Spring 2015, Konvensi Indonesia Convention 2015 and mini-neo magazines.  Some more coming in HKOS soon!

Origami Squirrel Raymond P Yeh

Video Tutorial