Origami Cat Envelope Tutorial

In this tutorial, learn to make an origami cat envelope from paper. This paper envelope features two cat ears at the top, and space for you to write a message, so it works like both a card, and an envelope! The origami cat envelope also has a slot at the bottom of the paper cat’s face so that you can seal the envelope, insuring your message is safe and protected. I used 3″ x 3″ square sheets of origami paper to make these envelopes, but you can use any size square sheet of paper that you are comfortable with. Origami cats are great, origami cat ENVELOPES are even better. Hope you enjoy making these origami cat envelopes! 🙂

Origami Cat Envelope designed by Jenny W. Chan, Origami Tree, Copyright (R) 2016. This tutorial may NOT be replicated.


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