10 DIY Paper Bookmarks for Back-to-School

Hello, my crafty friends!

Can you believe it’s back to school season already? The summer just completely FLEW by. With the back-to-school season, of course, we have to make some DIY paper bookmarks! Here are a few ideas from myself, and also from my friends at All Free Paper Crafts, an incredible resource for all things paper. I have a profile there as well if you want to hop on over and check it out. They have hundreds and hundreds of ideas for paper crafting lovers.

You might already know many many ways to play around with papercraft. Since it was summer, you might also have had fun playing with all your toys, and those pretty papercraft toys that you would have made. Right now, the thoughts of going back to school can be lingering at the back of your mind (most probably)!

Not to mention, you might be wondering how to stand out among your classmates by chiseling out even the tiniest possible art. Don’t tell me you haven’t already looked up for book covers, and cool stickers for your books. So what’s missing?

Ya right, our bookmarks. You can check out all the cool bookmarks, that I have given below and try making it yourself. However, if any of you feel like it’s a little hard, don’t worry. I have a tip for you. You can try getting some cool wallpapers, and tailor them into the shape of any animals, or cartoon characters you like.

Origami Tree . com

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Here are my top 10 picks for DIY bookmarks for back to school!

1. Post-it Note Cat Bookmark Tutorial

2. Origami Tiger Bookmark Tutorial

3. Post-it Note Heart Bookmark Tutorial

4. Origami Unicorn Bookmark Tutorial

origami unicorn bookmark tutorial jenny w. chan origami tree

5. Origami Post-it Note BB-8 Bookmark Tutorial

post it note bb-8 bookmark tutorial by origami tree, jenny w chan

6. Origami Light Up Crane Bookmark Tutorial


7. Post-it Note Yoda Bookmark Tutorial

post it note yoda bookmark | Jenny W Chan, Origami Tree

8. Ice Cream Bookmark Tutorial






9. Cutest Kitty Bookmark Tutorial







10. Minions Bookmark Tutorial