Origami Standing Penguin

This tutorial may not be duplicated. Design & Tutorial Copyright Jenny W Chan 2014.
This tutorial will show you how to fold a cute little standing origami penguin out of one sheet of square paper. The sheet of paper I used in this video was 3″ x 3″.  It’s a quick craft that can be done in a classroom setting, especially when Christmas time rolls along. 🙂

Written Instructions


  • One square sheet of paper (in this video: 3″ x 3″)


Warning: Written instructions are meant for more experienced folders. It might be confusing for beginners!

1. Start with a waterbomb base. If you do not know how to fold the waterbomb base, refer to the beginning of the video above. Notice 4 flaps.
origami origamitree.com
2. Fold the front 2 flaps along the vertical center crease, diagonally.
origami origamitree.com
3. Fold the back 2 flaps in the same manner.
origami origamitree.com
4. Angle the front 2 flaps upward, creating the wings.
origami origamitree.com
5. Fold foot upwards, creating a triangle. Repeat on both sides.
origami origamitree.com
6. Bookfold (a.k.a. Fold penguin in half, lengthwise).
origami origamitree.com
7. Fold feet up on both sides.
origami origamitree.com
8. Create head. Fold down & flatten. Notice “M” shape at the back of the head. Similar to a crane’s head.
origami origamitree.com origami origamitree.com