Origami Monkey Envelope Tutorial – Red Envelope Packet for Chinese New Year 2016

This is a tutorial for the CHINESE NEW YEAR RED PACKET FOR MONKEY YEAR 2016 (猴年紅包).
In this origami tutorial, I’ll show you how to fold a paper monkey envelope that is the perfect for the Lunar New Year 2016! This origami monkey envelope can also be a “Red Envelope Packet” to store lucky money. Happy Chinese New Year! Wishing you health and happiness. 🙂

Design: Raymond P. Yeh, @reneeraeyeh4, Raymond’s Blog

If you prefer diagrams, here are the diagrams for the Origami Monkey Envelope (Chinese New Year Red Envelope Packet), as well! 🙂

Red Packet for Monkey Year 2016 PAGE 1 OF 2

Red Packet for Monkey Year 2016 PAGE 2 OF 2

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