Origami 3D Nemo – Modular Origami with Triangle Pieces

This tutorial will show you how to fold and assemble a 3D origami Nemo. This origami 3D model features an origami clown fish on an anemone. I thought I would design something in honor of Finding Dory. 🙂 Should I make an origami 3D Dory, as well? Let me know if you want to see more! Please share your work in the Origami Tree Fan Gallery if you make it!

Origami Design by Jenny W. Chan, Origami Tree, Copyright (C) 2016. Do not duplicate tutorial. Tutorial is for enjoyment purposes only.

SLOW ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS for the 3D Origami Nemo (in case the ones above are too fast ;-)).

MATERIALS for 3D Origami Nemo:
Orange: 141
Black: 39
White: 28
Pink: 68

How to Make one Triangle Piece for Modular 3D Origami

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