Origami Puffy Star

In this video, you’ll learn how to make a traditional Lucky Star, or Puffy star. These can be made with paper or ribbon. They look great in mason jars, or any clear jar. Cover them with several thin layers of ModPodge for a longer lasting star. String them with a thread/needle to make a necklace, bracelet, or Christmas string ornament. Great DIY room decor! :-)Enjoy!!

Written Instructions


  • 1 strip of paper/ribbon (11″ x 0.5″). I just cut a strip of paper from pastel colored copy paper. You can also purchase “lucky star strips” from some craft stores (or online).
  • Scissors


Note: Written instructions may be confusing for beginners. If you’re lost, please prefer to the video above.

1. Tie right end of ribbon (or left end, depending on your preference) – in a similar way that you would tie a knot.

origami origamitree.com origami origamitree.com
2. Tighten both ends, and flatten. You’ll notice a pentagon shape, and two ends sticking out: One short, one long.
origami origamitree.com
3. Fold short end along the pentagon’s edge.
origami origamitree.com
4. Fold long end up, wrap around the pentagon shape, and continue to do so until you cannot wrap any more. Make sure you maintain that pentagon shape throughout!
tar 4a  star 4b origami origamitree.com
5. Once you reach the end, take the long end and slip it into the nearest opening/slot. Trim off excess (if any) with a pair of scissors (or rip it with your hands).
star 5 origami origamitree.com
6. “Puff” up the star by putting your nails in between every vertex, and gently pushing toward the center of the” pentagon.”
star 6 origami origamitree.com
7. You’re done! 🙂
star 7

To learn how to convert this star into a CAT FACE, go HERE.

origami origamitree.com

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