Origami Spanish Box

These origami boxes are perfect for candies, office supplies (i.e. paper clips, rubber bands), and all sorts of little knick-nacks. 🙂 Plus, they sort of look like monster teeth (or a weird venus fly trap) — wouldn’t that be great for Halloween? 😀

If you create these from a 6″ square, it’ll fit small Post-it(R) Notes perfectly. You can also add some googly eyes to make a little “monster box.” I did that below. 🙂

spanish box with post it notes inside origami origamitree.com

Written Instructions

Note: Written instructions are meant to be general guidelines. For more detailed instructions, please refer to the video tutorial above. Enjoy! 🙂


  • 1 square sheet (in this tutorial: 6″ x 6″)


1. Fold square in half. Unfold. Repeat on the other side. Notice the “cross” formed at the center.

spanish box 1 origami origamitree.com
2. Fold each corner and align it with the center point (the center of the “cross”).
 spanish box 2a origami origamitree.comspanish boxb2b origami origamitree.com
3. Flip unit over.
spanish box 3 origami origamitree.com
4. Fold every corner to the center, just as you did in step 2.
 4a spanish box origami origamitree.com4b spanish box origami origamitree.com
5. Fold tips so that they align with their corresponding sides. Repeat on all 4 sides.
 spanish box5a origami origamitree.comspanish box5b origami origamitree.com
6. Flip unit over.
spanish box6 origami origamitree.com
7. Fold center tips to their corresponding corners. Repeat on all 4 corners.
 spanish box7a origami origamitree.comspanish box7b origami origamitree.com
8. Fold unit in half, diagonally. Unfold. Repeat in the other direction.
spanish box8 origami origamitree.com
9. Unfold. Notice the “cross” at the center.
spanish box9 origami origamitree.com
10. Fold one tip downwards.
origami origamitree.com
11. Fold downwards again.
origami origamitree.com
12. Unfold previous 2 folds (unfold steps 10 and 11).
origami origamitree.com
13. Using the creases created in steps 10 and 11, “refold” the folds in a up-and-down motion, creating an “accordion” effect.
origami origamitree.com origami origamitree.com
14. “Inflate” box by pushing downwards at the center, and also at every corner. Shape as desired.
origami origamitree.com origami origamitree.com

15. You’re done! 🙂

origami origamitree.com

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