Origami Cat Face

This video will show you how to fold an origami cat face, based on the traditional origami star (Lucky Star) model. When I first saw this interpretation from Brians, I knew immediately that I had to make a tutorial for it. It’s such a cute and clever take on a traditional model. Place them in mason jars, or any clear jar, for a cute room decor – or just scatter them on the table, confetti-style! Additionally, you can use ribbon instead of paper for added durability. Enjoy!

Making the origami cat face is almost identical to making a Traditional Puffy Star. So if you don’t know how to make that yet, please go on over and read that TRADITIONAL PUFFY STAR tutorial first! The only difference is the last step. Instead of creating all five “spikes,” you just exaggerate two of them to form the cat ears. It’s really as easy as that, and quite genius! Brians, by the way, was only 11 years old at the time, when he came up with this, so kuddos to him!

Just a little hint – it’s easier to draw the cat face BEFORE creating the ears, but you can also draw them in afterwards (like I did in the video tutorial). I gave the top of the cat’s head a little “crescent moon curve” by going in and curving it with my fingernails.

Cat 1 origami origamitree.com

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