DIY Memo Board & Photo Collage (Takes Less than 10 mins!)

As you guys know, I’ve been trying to step up my home decor game recently. My friend is extremely good at interior design so they’ve been helping me out. They’ve shown me sites like, explained color schemes that work well, and showed me ways to add a personal touch to it. One of the ways you can make your decor more personal is by using a memo board.

Learn to make this DIY duct tape memo board and photo holder or photo collage picture frame. I used a canvas, duct tape, rubber bands, and Loop It Beads. This homemade photo holder and memo board is quick, easy, and literally takes 10 mins or less. It makes a great home decor and room decor. You can pick whatever style of duct tape you want for the craft and fully customize it with your favorite pictures. 🙂

★ Check out what other YouTubers made for this month’s #MBMCraftChallenge!

★ MBM Craft Challenge Rules
1) You can use glue, clear tape, water, crayons, markers and empty toilet paper rolls from home, no other craft materials may be added. But for the first time ever, you can use tools that require electricity.
2) You do not need to use everything in the box. Try to include at least four different items in your project. As always, feel free to use the box itself – its a great craft material!

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