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MINI Fidget Spinner Toy DIY

As if a full-sized fidget spinner weren’t enough, here’s a tutorial on how to make a MINI spinner fidget toy! This DIY MINI paper fidget toy is easy and fun to make. It really spins!! The fidget spinner is made from scrapbook paper, earring backings, and a metal wire (you may also use a toothpick).…

Yasutomo Origami Paper Haul

Yasutomo Origami Paper Showcase

My origami paper collection is growing! Here’s my Yasutomo origami paper haul, including washi paper, marble paper, mineral paper, water resistant paper, holographic paper, coloring paper, double-sided paper, and more! SELECT MATERIALS / ADS: Yasutomo Color-2 Origami: Fold ‘Ems Origami Paper Assorted Colors: Yasutomo Fold ‘Ems Origami 2-Sided Solid Paper: Yasutomo Fold’ems…

Paper Fidget Spinner Tutorial | Jenny W. Chan, Origami Tree

Paper Fidget Spinner DIY

How to make a spinner fidget toy! This DIY paper fidget toy is easy and fun to make. It really spins!! The fidget spinner is made from primarily cardboard and coins. SELECT MATERIALS / ADS: Glue Dots Mini Dot N’ Go Dispenser: Petaloo Floral Embellishments: More Crafting Fun! Origami Pinwheel Tutorial

Origami Donut Tutorial

Origami Donut Tutorial

Learn to make an origami donut/doughnut! This DIY paper donut has room in the middle to write notes. Create a dozen origami donuts to create a donut notebook! I added sprinkles to my origami donuts, but you can feel free to decorate the origami dessert however you want. 🙂 SELECT MATERIALS / ADS: Sakura Souffle…

Origami Dragon Tutorial

Origami Dragon Tutorial

Learn how to fold and make an easy origami dragon! Use wetfold origami to fold a Razorback Dragon. Wetfold origami involves using water and paper. The origami dragon is easy to fold with step-by-step narrated instructions and directions from Paul Frasco. SELECT MATERIALS/ADS: Fantastical Creatures at Barnes & Noble: Creative Origami & Beyond: