broomstick treat bag

Paper Lunch Bag Broomstick Treat Bag

Learn lunch bag crafts: How to turn lunch bags into broomstick treat bags! These paper broom stick treat bags are perfect for storing Halloween trick-or-treating candy and sweets. Make paper lunch bag broomstick gift bags as party favors. Use the DIY treat bags as home decor. SUBSCRIBE for more crafty fun! SELECT MATERIALS / ADS:…

origami corn tutorial | Jenny W. Chan, Origami Tree

Origami Corn

Learn how to fold origami corn! This paper corn is an easy origami project for kids. The paper craft tutorial provides step-by-step easy to follow paper folding instructions to make the corn cob and the husk (2 sheets of origami paper). Making corn from paper is a fun craft project for kids and teachers to…

2D Origami Star

Learn how to fold a 2D origami star. This 2D paper star is easy to fold and a good origami project for kids. SUBSCRIBE for more crafty fun! SELECT MATERIALS / #AD: Origami Paper 3″ x 3″: More Crafting Fun! Origami 3D Star Tutorial