(ENDED) HALLOWEEN GIVEAWAY! Witch-Crafting Wreath by Paper Source

I have an amazing surprise for my crafty friends! This holiday season, I’m collaborating with Paper Source to give you a series of three demos and giveaways! Nope, not a trick. 😉 First up – this gorgeous Witch-Crafting Wreath Kit! This kit is absolutely amazing. It comes with everything you need, except for a few standard crafting tools like glue, tape, and scissors. Just open the package, punch out the shapes, and assemble! It took me five hours to complete, but it was well worth it. I watched a little bit of Netflix, and was done before I knew it. 😉 You can also grab a few of your crafty friends and work on it together.


How To Make Marbled Paper

I love marbled paper! There’s just something so mesmerizing about it – the “swirly-ness” and all. 😉 Unfortunately, they can get pretty expensive, but you can make your own with items that you probably already have in your the home. With just a can of shaving cream and some food coloring, you can create boundless assortment of colors…


How to Fold Towel Animals (Compilation)

Welcome to my brand new towel folding series! To start, I created 5 towel folding tutorials for my crafty friends. These include a turkey, monkey, lobster, elephant, and 2 swans that form a heart. In this series, I’ll show you how to fold towels into animals and other unique designs. These towel folding techniques will…