Book Folding Lantern

Learn how to fold a book into a lantern with this step by step book art folding tutorial. This book folding lantern is easy and requires no printed pattern to follow. You’ll need one book (this could be a notebook, reading book, etc), and with a few simple folds, you can create a paper lantern…

Paper Light Up Message Box Tutorial, Jenny W. Chan, Origami Tree

DIY Light Up Message Box

Learn how to make a DIY Light Up Message Box with this step-by-step, easy tutorial. The light up message box is lit with battery powered LED lights. Customize your message with black letter stickers. SELECT MATERIALS / ADS: Craft Knife by Martha Stewart: Black Vinyl Letter Stickers: Mini Battery Powered LED Lights (Warm…

6-Petal Fan Flower Tutorial, Jenny W. Chan, Origami Tree

Origami 6-Petal Fan Flower Tutorial

Learn how to make a 6-Petal Origami Flower with this step-by-step tutorial. This paper flower is an easy paper craft for kids. The 6-petal origami flower requires 6 sheets of square paper (or 5 sheets of square paper if you want to make a 5-petal origami flower), and adhesive at the center to keep the…

origami ice cream cone tutorial, Jenny W. Chan Origami Tree

Origami Ice Cream Cone

Learn how to fold an easy origami ice cream cone with this step-by-step tutorial, complete with narrated instructions. Paper ice cream cones are an easy paper craft project idea for kids and classrooms. SUBSCRIBE for more crafty fun SELECT MATERIALS / ADS: Shop origami paper on Amazon! More Crafting Fun! Origami French Fries Tutorial

Origami Dog Memo Holder

Learn how to make an an origami dog memo holder! This easy paper craft for kids is fun and customizable. Decorate the paper dog with googly eyes and markers. This easy origami dog message holder require 2 sheets of paper and glue, and is a classroom- and teacher-friendly. Original origami design by Jenny W. Chan-Origami…

How to Cut a Hexagon from a Square

Learn how to make a hexagon from a square with this arts and crafts hack! Cut a hexagon easily from a square following these step by step paper craft instructions. SUBSCRIBE for more crafty fun! More Crafting Fun! How to draw a equilateral triangle in a circle

Origami Dragon Tutorial

Learn how to fold an origami dragon that’s easy but cool! Although it’s not easy if you’re an absolutely new beginner at origami, it’s one of the easier dragons to make, and is a simple paper folding project for kids who have some experience with origami and paper crafts already. SUBSCRIBE for more crafty fun!…