Toilet Paper Roll Bowling Set

For this month’s MBM Craft Challenge, I decided to make a toilet paper roll bowling set for kids: Christmas version! This toilet paper roll craft is perfect to make with kids, or in a classroom setting for a Christmas crafting session. It’s also an awesome recycling craft idea. 😉

Be sure to check out other YouTuber’s crafts, as well, in the December Made By Mommy playlist

★ Made By Mommy Craft Challenge Rules:
1)You can use glue, clear tape, water, crayons, markers and empty toilet paper rolls from home, no other craft materials may be added to your projects.
2)You can use scissors, needles and other basic tools. No tools that require electricity.
3)You do not need to use everything in the box. Try to include at least five different items. There are plenty of choices in there! Yes, you can use the box itself.

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