? DIY Space Potato! Celebrating Black Hole Week with NASA | FREE Paper Toy Template

Hello my crafty friends!

It’s Jenny from Origami Tree and today we’ll be learning how to make a paper toy craft project in celebration of Black Hole Week!

A FREE printable template is available here

? Black Hole Week is a whole week where NASA (and others!) are celebrating black holes. They asked if I wanted to join in the fun, so my team and I designed a template for a space potato based on a character from NASA’s Guide to Black Hole Safety.

? SO WHAT ARE BLACK HOLES? They’re objects with a whole lot of stuff squished into a tiny amount of space. They’re pretty weird, so black holes capture the imaginations of people. This space potato is actually a reminder of some of the things that black holes are not!

? They are not actually holes, despite the name. Instead, their gravity is so strong that nothing, not super-fast-moving space potatoes, or even light, can escape. They are also not cosmic vacuum cleaners sucking up everything in their paths. A space potato ? jetting by a black hole would have to get pretty close to the black hole to get pulled in. If it keeps its distance, the space potato would be just fine. ? Finally, black holes are not portals to other dimensions populated by unicorns and space potatoes, as much as we might like them to be…