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Behind-the-Scenes: Mini Paper Crane

I folded a miniature paper crane today! It’s my first attempt, and came out better than I thought. Forming the bird base was the most difficult part. I kept dropping the crane because there was too little surface area to hold onto! I used a 1 cm square to fold the crane, and no folding…

origami turtle

Origami Turtle

Here’s a tutorial for the traditional origami turtle. Cute and poofy, a classic! I must have made hundreds of these when I was a kid. I still remember sitting in the back of my 6th grade class and making these under the table. It was just super addictive, and hard to explain. You really have…

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Origami Crane

Joanne from Craft Passion inspired me to re-film this origami crane tutorial to send prayers for the passengers, families, and friends of flight MH 370. Some say that completing 1,000 of these will bring good luck. Others believe it may grant a wish.