Origami Turtle

Here’s a tutorial for the traditional origami turtle. Cute and poofy, a classic! I must have made hundreds of these when I was a kid. I still remember sitting in the back of my 6th grade class and making these under the table. It was just super addictive, and hard to explain. You really have to “love” it to be able to fold origami for, like, 6 hours in a row, LOL. I used to display them in these clear glass jars that I purchased from Chinatown and thought they looked pretty cool.

Funny enough, I never got in trouble for folding origami or doing crafts while in class. In fact, when I was “caught,” my 6th grade teacher used to encourage it! He’d always want to have a look at them, too. I think I’m grateful for that. It made 6th grade a lot more fun.

After elementary school, though, I took a SUPER DUPER, DUPER, DUPER long break from origami and focused more on my studies to become a better student. 😛 Now that I’ve graduated, I fold origami at work, HA! Some things never change, I guess. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t really fascinated by origami, and just crafts in general.