Origami Swallow Airplane

Tutorial on how to fold an origami / kirigami paper airplane. This origami plane is called the “Swallow Airplane” because it looks like a bird. It has been named the “best” paper airplane in the world because it flies further and faster than the traditional paper airplane (tutorial to come at some point!). I guess that’s for you to decide?

You can even adjust which direction you want the plane to turn by toying around with the wing (i.e. angling left wing slightly higher than the right wing will make the plane turn left; vice versa). I’ve been told that it can also “boomerang” back to you, but I haven’t quite mastered that part of it. It takes a little practice! 🙂

With Summer coming our way, kids (and big kids alike, hehe) can start taking their crafts outdoors! Yay! 🙂

I’ll probably be making some more airplane tutorials. It’s just going to take me a while. Not enough hours in the day! Ideally, I’d love to film these tutorials in Central Park. I tried, but it didn’t go too well: Wind + naked people playing Frisbee + the sound of ambulances, fire trucks, and car horns = very BAD combination for filming. True story, by the way, haha.