Origami Badminton Birdie (Featuring Jeremy Shafer)

On 6/30/14, Jeremy Shafer and I met at the Origami Convention in the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. We had some lunch, grabbed some smoothies, and made our way to Madison Square Park, where we filmed this origami badminton birdie tutorial. We quickly discovered that we couldn’t film and play origami badminton at the same time, so we sought the help from people sitting at a nearby park bench. (THANKS A BUNCH, if you’re watching, by the way! You were a great audience!). We had lots of fun filming this for sure.

Watch Jeremy’s version of this video here (a few deleted scenes)

A special thanks to Jeremy Shafer, for a great time, the hand whistling lesson (ha!), the video editing, and for just being AWESOME!

Don’t forget to subscribe to Jeremy’s Channel. You won’t regret it! He folds origami, juggles, unicycles, beat-boxes, hand whistles, plays piano, makes balloon animals, and who knows what else?!

Jeremy Shafer and Me at the Origami Convention USA, NYC, 6/30/14

6/30/14, Jeremy Shafer and Me at the Origami Convention USA, NYC

2badminton jeremy origami origamitree.com

Holding one of Jeremy’s GIANT creations.

3badminton jeremy origami origamitree.com

Holding a HUGE dinosaur at the Origami Convention. Don’t know who folded or designed this, but it made me smile, so I posed for a photo. Thanks, Jeremy, for your photography! 😉