DIY Mod Podge Coasters (Paper & Wood)

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make a DIY Mod Podge Flower Coaster using origami paper, mod podge (gloss & dimensional magic) and a wooden coaster. This easy coaster craft is a great way to recycle old coasters that you may have lying around (I used an old seasonal coaster), and give that old coaster a new look! I hope you like this DIY Mod Podge Coaster craft!

Looking for more crafty fun? 

These coasters were a part of a super fun collaboration with my friend, Mona, from Craft Klatch. Be sure to check out her paper flower coasters below. They are so gorgeous and easy to make. I love how she offsets the light and dark pink flowers.

Mona creates a new coaster every Friday, and fulfills requests by randomly choosing suggestions out of a large fish bowl. She has pizza coasters, Minion coasters, and the cutest little emoji coasters. Head on over to her YouTube channel and show her some love!

Paper Flower Coaster

Paper Flower Coaster Craft Klatch OrigamiTree


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