Star Wars Origami – Darth Vader Tutorial

I’m so happy to finally be able to share with you my newest design: Origami Darth Vader! I talked about it in my behind-the-scenes post last month, so it’s about time I actually share the tutorial, right? 😉 I’ve been absolutely swamped with work lately, and with the holidays coming, it’s only going to get busier. Thank you so much for being so patient! 🙂

Origami Darth Vader, Designed by Jenny W Chan,, Copyright (C) 2015. Tutorial may not be duplicated without permission. You may recreate this for personal and recreational purposes only. Please give credit.

In this how-to tutorial, I’ll show you how to fold an Origami Star Wars Darth Vader Bookmark. This Star Wars origami paper craft project is created using one Post-it® note. I used a black Post-it® note to make my bookmark, and then some chalk marker to draw in the details. Using the adhesive part of the Post-it® Note only, it will adhere to most pages of your books. I hope you like this Star Wars origami design!

Don’t forget to share your work with me if you’ve made it. I love seeing them! 🙂 


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post it note taxi, Jenny W Chan,

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