AmiGami Fox and Owl Origami

UNBOXING: AmiGami Owl & Fox

I thought this AmiGami kit was the cutest thing, so I went ahead and purchased 3 of them! I’m probably way too old to be playing with this, but hey, I’m a kid at heart, haha. This is the second AmiGami unboxing video (the first one is the AmiGami Mouse). AmiGami is made by Mattel,…

origami blinking eye tutorial | Jenny W. Chan,

Origami Blinking Eye

This creepy little origami blinking eye is perfect for Halloween. The kids will really get a kick out of the “blinking action.” It’s just fun. If the bloodshot eyes are a little too creepy, feel free to add a googly eye, instead. Silly cyclops fun. 😉 Enjoy! I used a 6″ x 6″ square paper…

origami slinky

Origami Slinky

This origami rainbow slinky actually WORKS, just like a real slinky would! No glue required, either!  It’s super fun to play with, and very easy to make and assemble. I have to say, this design by the ever-so-amazing, Jo Nakashima, is simply genius! It’s also extremely popular in the “origami world.”