rosebud petal and calyx origami

Origami Rose Petal & Calyx

You know that excitement you get when you find a model you absolutely HAVE to share? Maybe you do, or maybe you don’t, but I certainly felt that way when I saw Carolos Bocanegra’s “New Rosebud Petal” and “Calyx.”  It’s pretty simple, and the results are heart-warming. Doesn’t it make you want to garden right…

origami electra 30

Origami Electra-30

I love the look of this origami model. It’s extremely versatile, too. Place flowers into each “hole/opening” and secure with glue for impressive results! Assembly instructions too fast? Real-time assembly instructions are available below! Also check out the Electra-60 (which uses 60 units instead of 30). It also spins! And yes, that’s me, being a complete dork.…

electra 60 origami

Origami Electra-60

Electra Design: David Mitchell I love, love, LOVE this model. It’s so versatile. Put flowers into each “hole/opening” for a stunning kusudama (like in the photo below). 😉 Also check out Electra-30 (good option if you don’t feel like folding 60 units) HERE. Is the assembly section too fast? REAL-TIME assembly instructions are also available…

flower kusudama origami

Origami Flower Kusudama

This origami ball is gorgeous and perfect for Spring or Summer. It’s surrounded by five-petaled flowers! But yes, it requires a bit of patience. Makes a great ornament/gift, though. 🙂 Origami Design/Model Name: Kusudama Estrella Flor. Design: Ernesto Jimenez Del Rio (Erny),  Is the assembly part above too fast? REAL-TIME assembly instructions are below!

origami starsea kusudama

Origami Starsea Kusudama

Here’s a sweet looking origami ball/kusudama by Tomoko Fuse. She really does design some of THE best kusudamas out there. And everyone knows I love kusudamas, even though they usually take a very long time to make, assemble, and teach. I just love the stars! I’d imagine it making a great Christmas decoration/ornament, too. Some gold origami paper, and…

little roses kusudama origami

Origami Little Roses Kusudama

When I came across this design by Maria Sinayskaya, I just KNEW I had to dedicate a video to it. I love kusudamas and paper roses. Combine them both, and it’s just too beautiful for words! A wonderful gift for someone you care about. The modules are very easy to make, too, so that’s a…

Origami 12 Curler Units - Cuboctahedron

Origami 12 Curler Units – Cuboctahedron

A project you can do at home when you have some spare time. Makes a great gift, too! It would make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift (think: red, pink, white, glitter). Happy folding! 🙂 WARNING: This might be hard for beginners to assemble! HINT: Always twist curls in the same direction, whether it’s clockwise, or…

spiky ball origami

Origami Spiky Ball

I learned this recently, and it has become an instant favorite. Why? It only requires 12 units (as opposed to 30, 60, or 90…or 100+), and the results are fantastic for the relatively little time spent! Happy folding! 🙂 P.S. You can also make a larger model with 24 units or 54 units. P.P.S. There’s…