Origami 12 Curler Units – Cuboctahedron

A project you can do at home when you have some spare time. Makes a great gift, too! It would make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift (think: red, pink, white, glitter). Happy folding! 🙂

WARNING: This might be hard for beginners to assemble!

HINT: Always twist curls in the same direction, whether it’s clockwise, or counter-clockwise. Using sturdy paper will help the curls hold better. Curls can be as tight, or as loose as you want them. As long as it stays together, it’ll look great! As a reminder, to create the cuboctahedron, every square is surrounded by 4 triangles, and every triangle is surrounded by 3 squares. Moreover, you can make it larger (and prettier!) if you use 30 units, instead of 12. To assemble 30 units (icosidodecahedron), form pentagons and triangles. Every pentagon is surrounded by 5 triangles. Every triangle is surrounded by 3 pentagons.