Behind-the-Scenes: Origami/Kirigami Bat – New Design!

I’m thinking about designing 4 original models for Halloween this year, to be published in October. The first one I’m working on is the origami bat. I must have done at least a dozen variations, but I think I’m  getting closer and closer to what I’m looking for.

Here’s an exclusive sneak peek – available on, and no where else! It can be flattened to 2D, or stand alone on a table as a 3D model.

Angling the wings correctly was the greatest challenge, but I think the orange model at the front is the best. Now to work out some of the kinks so that the creases can be made neater and so that the model, as a whole, can make more “geometric sense.”

origami bat 1


After toying around with the orange model above, I’ve finally come up with the design below. I’ve made the ears much bigger and also the pleats on the wings more “geometrically sound.” I know that sounds weird: to have something more “geometrically sound,” but I believe that origami cannot  be “completely random.” There are still “unspoken rules” to follow. Of course, I break those rules all the time (hello, scissors, tape, and glue queen!), but occasionally, I do think that following certain rules makes a better model. 🙂STAY TUNED! Tutorial Coming Oct 2014!

Origami Bat

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