Chinese New Year Red Envelope Turtle Tutorial

Red Envelope Turtle

In this Chinese New Year crafts tutorial, I’ll show you how to make a turtle 龜 [龟] from Chinese New Year red envelopes (or: Hong Pao, Lai See, Ang Pau, 紅包; there are so many ways to say it). 🙂 If you don’t have red envelopes, you may also cut regular paper to make the…

Origami Tiger Bookmark

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to fold an Origami Tiger Bookmark. This tiger paper craft is perfect for kids for school. Origami bookmarks can make reading books so much more fun. 😉 If you’d like to learn how to make more origami bookmarks, please let me know! This Origami Tiger Bookmark was designed…

origami camel Jenny W Chan

Origami Camel

I’ve been fiddling around with this origami camel for a few days now. It was initially meant to be a horse, but I figured – hey, there are a gazillion horse models out there – why not make it into a less appreciated animal: CAMEL? It even has a saddle. Did you know that you can buy vintage camel saddles on eBay? Who knew!

So yeah, let’s show the camel some love, haha. Here’s my origami camel! It’s still in the works, but I like it so far. It also stands on its own. Horray for standing models! 🙂