How to Fold Towel Animals (Compilation)

Welcome to my brand new towel folding series! To start, I created 5 towel folding tutorials for my crafty friends. These include a turkey, monkey, lobster, elephant, and 2 swans that form a heart.

In this series, I’ll show you how to fold towels into animals and other unique designs. These towel folding techniques will show how you, too, can fold towels like they do at hotels, resorts, and cruise ships. You can fold these towel animals all around your home: guest rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms. Maybe even leave a surprise animal into the closet?! Impress your guests with these new ways to fold a towel. See the compilation and playlist below.

Towel Folding Tutorials - Origami Tree Jenny W. Chan

Full Towel Folding Playlist

Towel Folding Swan (2 Swans for a Heart) Tutorial



Towel Lobster Tutorial



Towel Elephant Tutorial







Towel Folding Turkey Tutorial







Towel Monkey Tutorial 







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