Origami Strawberry (2)

Origami Strawberry by kami_key via Instagram Origami OrigamiTree.com

Origami Strawberry by kami_key via Instagram

I hope everyone had a good week! I had so much fun working on these adorable origami strawberries designed by kami_key via Instagram these past few days. Her work is cute, simple, beautiful, vibrant, and always manages to make me smile…so don’t forget to follow her! 🙂 You can also check out her blog for a portfolio of her most recent work. It’s in Japanese, but Google Translate can help with some of the translation! 😉

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Words From the Designer
kami_key (Instagram)

“I’m Japanese and Iive in Japan.
I like fold Origami and create my own design.
I like simple and kawaii Origami.
When I tried to create something from bird base,
I was able to make a strawberry.”

Video Tutorial

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