Starburst Flowers

These lovely Paper Flowers are a perfect July 4th paper craft idea. They’re also very quick and simple to do. To make a Starburst Flower, all you need is 2 sheets of square paper, a pair of scissors, some tape, and need/thread (a pipe cleaner or bag tie can also work!). If you have some tissue paper lying around, they will work equally as well. :-)I see these hanging in store windows around NYC all the time. Most of them only have 1 layer to them, though. I added a second layer and “spikes.” The great thing about this is that it takes much fewer cuts than it looks. View the video tutorial to find out how!

Written Instructions


  • 4 sheets of 6” squares – in this tutorial: 2 blues and 2 reds
  • Scissors
  • Needle/Thread
  • Double-sided Tape/Glue


Note:  Written instructions are meant to be general guidelines. Please refer to video tutorial above if you get lost. 🙂

1.      Divide 1 blue sheet into eighths, lengthwise.

starburst flower origami
2.      Reverse creases as necessary to create an “accordion fold,” or “zig-zag.”
starburst flower origami
3.      Collapse accordion folds.
4.      Fold entire unit in half.
starburst flower origami
5.      Cut to create a point at the tip.
starburst flower origami
6.      Repeat steps 1-5 with the second blue sheet.
starburst flower origami
7. Tape/glue both blue sheets to create 1 blue starburst flower.
starburst flower origami
8.      Repeat steps 1-4 with the two red sheets.
9.      Trim off approx. 0.5” from the length of the red sheets. Cut to create a point at the tip.
starburst flower origami
10.   Repeat step 7 to create 1 red starburst flower.
11.   Place smaller Starbust Flower onto the larger flower (red on top of blue).
12.  Attach both flowers with needle/thread. And you’re done!

Don’t forget to show some love on YouTube!! 🙂

starburst flower origami

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