CD Disco Ball Tutorial - Jenny W. Chan Origami Tree

DIY Disco Ball CD

Here’s a quick and easy New Year’s craft idea! Learn how to make a disco ball ornament from old CDs. This is also a great way to upcycle your old Christmas ornaments. The reflection from the recycled CDs give these DIY disco ball ornaments a mirrored and rainbow look. SELECT MATERIALS #AD Clear Ornament:…

origami electra 30

Origami Electra-30

I love the look of this origami model. It’s extremely versatile, too. Place flowers into each “hole/opening” and secure with glue for impressive results! Assembly instructions too fast? Real-time assembly instructions are available below! Also check out the Electra-60 (which uses 60 units instead of 30). It also spins! And yes, that’s me, being a complete dork.…

electra 60 origami

Origami Electra-60

Electra Design: David Mitchell I love, love, LOVE this model. It’s so versatile. Put flowers into each “hole/opening” for a stunning kusudama (like in the photo below). 😉 Also check out Electra-30 (good option if you don’t feel like folding 60 units) HERE. Is the assembly section too fast? REAL-TIME assembly instructions are also available…

lily kusudama origami

Origami Lily Kusudama

In this video, I will show you how to turn the traditional origami lily into a ball! It’s stunning, and easier than it looks! NOTE: I created 24 units (with 48 sheets of paper), but feel free to make less. I personally like the “over-crowded, dense, organized-chaos look,” but some of you may like the…

Kirigami orb origami

Kirigami Orb / Decorative Ball

Here’s a wonderful little orb for decoration. Reminds me of an Easter egg, so I’ll file this under “Easter crafts.” 🙂 HINT: In this video, I made 8 arches, but you can opt to cut more if you want your orb to stretch lower to the ground, and to be more elongated, in general. It’ll…

origami starsea kusudama

Origami Starsea Kusudama

Here’s a sweet looking origami ball/kusudama by Tomoko Fuse. She really does design some of THE best kusudamas out there. And everyone knows I love kusudamas, even though they usually take a very long time to make, assemble, and teach. I just love the stars! I’d imagine it making a great Christmas decoration/ornament, too. Some gold origami paper, and…

polish star origami

Polish Star

This little thing reminds of a porcupine. Makes a perfect gift and/or home decoration & ornament! This is a traditional do-it-yourself project for Christmas time, and definitely tested my patience. It’s well worth the effort, though! 😉  

Origami 12 Curler Units - Cuboctahedron

Origami 12 Curler Units – Cuboctahedron

A project you can do at home when you have some spare time. Makes a great gift, too! It would make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift (think: red, pink, white, glitter). Happy folding! 🙂 WARNING: This might be hard for beginners to assemble! HINT: Always twist curls in the same direction, whether it’s clockwise, or…