bird of paradise napkin folding

Bird of Paradise – Napkin Folding

Napkin Folding! I love this “Bird of Paradise” fold with napkins! Great with breakfast, lunch, or dinner tables! Hint: Cloth/Polyester napkins work BEST (in my opinion) because they hold folds better. However, if you don’t have any cloth napkins available, luncheon napkins (like the one I used in this video) work just as well. They’re…

napkin bishop miter hat origami

Napkin Folding Bishop Miter

I realize that most people associate the term “origami” with paper folding, but I tend to use this term more loosely than most. I mean, you can really fold anything: Paper, napkins, copper sheets…! Right? 🙂 Lately, I’ve been experimenting with napkin folding as well and have created a whole series of napkin models for…

rose napkin folding origami

Napkin Folding Rose Tutorial

Great for Mother’s Day! 🙂 Convert a boring square napkin into a beautiful flower/rose. Set your tables with THIS for those special occasions, or just because you feel like it. This is how restaurants do it! 🙂 More Crafting Fun! Napkin Folding Double Star Tutorial