Magic Color Reveal & Slider Card | Jenny W. Chan Origami Tree

Magic Color Reveal & Slider Card

Learn how to make a Magic Color Reveal & Slider Card! This interactive card starts off with a full-colored image. When that colored image is inserted into the DIY handmade card, it magically turns into a black and white outline image. WOW! Try different designs for various occasions. For example, you can draw a birthday…

Magazine Box Tutorial

Magazine Box

Learn how to make a box from old magazine pages! This is an easy recycling paper craft idea that is fun for kids and adults. Teach kids how to recycle old book pages or old pages from notebooks to create their own origami paper box. These DIY paper boxes are great for storing school supplies,…

Origami Potato Chips Tutorial, Jenny W. Chan - Origami Tree

Origami Potato Chips

Learn how to make an origami bag of chips – an origami food tutorial! These origami potato chips are fun and easy to make, and sure to bring a smile to your face. The paper potato chips are especially easy for kids to make. SUBSCRIBE for more crafty fun!   SELECT MATERIALS / ADS: Buy…

2018 origami tree giveaway

(ENDED) GIVEAWAY! 2018 Origami Tree Holiday Giveaway

Congratulations to Suzy Q from New Jersey for winning the 2018 Origami Tree Holiday giveaway! Thanks to everyone who entered and for supporting Origami Tree. I appreciate you so much! Please share my YouTube channel and help it grow so I can continue to provide amazing giveaway opportunities like this one. ? SUBSCRIBE for more crafty fun and surprises. Hello…

2D Origami Star

Learn how to fold a 2D origami star. This 2D paper star is easy to fold and a good origami project for kids. SUBSCRIBE for more crafty fun! SELECT MATERIALS / #AD: Origami Paper 3″ x 3″: More Crafting Fun! Origami 3D Star Tutorial  

origami cheeseburger tutorial | Jenny W. Chan, Origami Tree

Origami Cheeseburger

Learn how to make an origami cheeseburger! This step-by-step narrated origami tutorial will teach you how to make a paper craft burger that includes 2 origami hamburger buns, 1 slice of origami cheese, 1 slice of origami beef patty, and 1 slice of origami lettuce. Origami food is so much fun to make – looks…

origami mushroom tutorial | Jenny W Chan Origami Tree

Origami Mushroom Tutorial

Learn how to fold an origami mushroom with these origami instructions. This origami mushroom is an easy paper craft for kids. Decorate the paper mushroom with a face for ultra cuteness! You can even decorate the origami mushroom to look like the mushroom from Super Mario, hehe. 😉 SELECT MATERIALS / #AD: Hole puncher, Fiskars…