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Behind-the-Scenes: New 3D Model

I started on a new 3D origami model yesterday! So far, I’ve completed about 100 units (I think)…..just several hundred more to go, haha! I’m not sure how many I will need for the entire model, but I guess I’ll just find out as I go. 😉 I’ve been putting off this model for a…

origami phoenix origamitree.com

Origami Phoenix

This phoenix is absolutely gorgeous to look at, with it’s long, wavy tail. 🙂 It has the same body as the traditional origami crane, but the tail is quite different. I love how it waves from side to side. I would really recommended using “real” origami paper for this model because the tail will hold…

origami bird origamitree.com

Origami Bird

Learn to make a cute, little origami bird. These will look great with recycled magazines,  old wrapping paper, and such! 🙂 I apologize that I struggled to explain the final steps adequately, but hopefully, you can see how the tail is constructed from watching the video! 🙂

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Origami Crane

Joanne from Craft Passion inspired me to re-film this origami crane tutorial to send prayers for the passengers, families, and friends of flight MH 370. Some say that completing 1,000 of these will bring good luck. Others believe it may grant a wish.