origami ice cream cone tutorial, Jenny W. Chan Origami Tree

Origami Ice Cream Cone

Learn how to fold an easy origami ice cream cone with this step-by-step tutorial, complete with narrated instructions. Paper ice cream cones are an easy paper craft project idea for kids and classrooms. SUBSCRIBE for more crafty fun SELECT MATERIALS / ADS: Shop origami paper on Amazon! https://amzn.to/2UZ9CMu More Crafting Fun! Origami French Fries Tutorial

Origami Carp Streamer Tutorial for Children's Day - Origami Tree, Jenny W. Chan

Origami Carp Streamer

Learn how to fold an origami carp stream (koinobori) for Children’s Day! This easy origami fish DIY is a fun and easy paper craft for kids. Each origami fish is made from one square sheet of paper and decorated with a marker. SUBSCRIBE for more crafty fun! SELECT MATERIALS / ADS: Buy origami paper on…

Origami Pig Tutorial, Jenny W. Chan - Origami Tree

Origami Pig Tutorial

Learn to make an easy origami pig! This origami pig tutorial has step-by-step instructions for a fun paper craft idea that parents and teachers can make with their kids. Fold multiple origami pigs to make a pig family! I made 3 small origami pigs and 1 large origami pig. SUBSCRIBE for more crafty fun SELECT…