Magic paper flashlight trick, Jenny W. Chan, Origami Tree

MAGIC Paper Flashlight!

Learn how to make a MAGIC paper flashlight, a simple crafts project for kids! Light up your Halloween drawings with no electricity or batteries. Watch the tutorial to learn how. SUBSCRIBE for more crafty fun! SELECT MATERIALS / ADS: Buy Ziploc bags on Amazon: More Crafting Fun! Origami Ghosts Garland

Magic Color Reveal & Slider Card | Jenny W. Chan Origami Tree

Magic Color Reveal & Slider Card

Learn how to make a Magic Color Reveal & Slider Card! This interactive card starts off with a full-colored image. When that colored image is inserted into the DIY handmade card, it magically turns into a black and white outline image. WOW! Try different designs for various occasions. For example, you can draw a birthday…

Origami Dog Memo Holder

Learn how to make an an origami dog memo holder! This easy paper craft for kids is fun and customizable. Decorate the paper dog with googly eyes and markers. This easy origami dog message holder require 2 sheets of paper and glue, and is a classroom- and teacher-friendly. Original origami design by Jenny W. Chan-Origami…

CD Disco Ball Tutorial - Jenny W. Chan Origami Tree

DIY Disco Ball CD

Here’s a quick and easy New Year’s craft idea! Learn how to make a disco ball ornament from old CDs. This is also a great way to upcycle your old Christmas ornaments. The reflection from the recycled CDs give these DIY disco ball ornaments a mirrored and rainbow look. SELECT MATERIALS #AD Clear Ornament:…