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Origami Starsea Kusudama

Here’s a sweet looking origami ball/kusudama by Tomoko Fuse. She really does design some of THE best kusudamas out there. And everyone knows I love kusudamas, even though they usually take a very long time to make, assemble, and teach. I just love the stars! I’d imagine it making a great Christmas decoration/ornament, too. Some gold origami paper, and…

Moravian Star origami origamitree.com

Moravian Star

Ever tried paper weaving? If not, here’s your chance to learn! This beautiful, Moravian (German) Star is great for home decor, especially during Christmastime (and throughout the year, too!). For example, use red/white/blue strips for July 4th. You can also make this with ribbon (e.g., plastic/smooth kind); it’ll probably be easier with ribbon, since paper…

how to cut a star with one cut origami origamitree.com

How to Cut a Star with One Cut!

Here’s a quick video on how to cut a perfect star from a square sheet of paper. If you’ve been drawing it out [crookedly] and making multiple cuts, then you’re doing it wrong, hehe. 😀 This can also be done with fabrics, and is perfect for scrapbooks, quilts/textiles, and making the American Flag, haha.

money origami 6 dollar star

$6 Star – Money Origami

This DIY $6 Money Origami Star will not alter or destroy your bills in any way. It’ll only make them better! 🙂 Works with non-US currency, as well. Makes an awesome gift if you plan to give money. I’ll be happy to accept one, all 100s, please. 😉 TIPS: Use five bills to make a…

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6- or 5-Pointed Straw Star / Ribbon Star

This beautiful, dual-colored, 6-pointed, star is usually made with straws, but works equally as well with ribbons (or strips of paper)! 🙂 HINT: Use a longer ribbon to make a fuller star. Making a 5-pointed star utilizes the same process as a 6-pointed star. To make slippery ribbons more secure, dab a bit of glue.…

3D Christmas Star Thumbnail

Kirigami 3D Snowflake

Thought I’d do a tutorial on how to make a Christmas Star (it’s somewhat of a misnomer, since it’s appropriate for any occasion, I think!). It’s a very simple and fun project, especially with kids. Makes a great gift, too! Hang them on strings to make tree ornaments, or use oak-tag paper to make a…