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Origami Flower Kusudama

This origami ball is gorgeous and perfect for Spring or Summer. It’s surrounded by five-petaled flowers! But yes, it requires a bit of patience. Makes a great ornament/gift, though. 🙂 Origami Design/Model Name: Kusudama Estrella Flor. Design: Ernesto Jimenez Del Rio (Erny),http://plegandoenelaire.blogspot.com.br/2011_07_01_archive.html  Is the assembly part above too fast? REAL-TIME assembly instructions are below!

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Origami Starsea Kusudama

Here’s a sweet looking origami ball/kusudama by Tomoko Fuse. She really does design some of THE best kusudamas out there. And everyone knows I love kusudamas, even though they usually take a very long time to make, assemble, and teach. I just love the stars! I’d imagine it making a great Christmas decoration/ornament, too. Some gold origami paper, and…

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Origami Little Roses Kusudama

When I came across this design by Maria Sinayskaya, I just KNEW I had to dedicate a video to it. I love kusudamas and paper roses. Combine them both, and it’s just too beautiful for words! A wonderful gift for someone you care about. The modules are very easy to make, too, so that’s a…

polish star origami origamitree.com

Polish Star

This little thing reminds of a porcupine. Makes a perfect gift and/or home decoration & ornament! This is a traditional do-it-yourself project for Christmas time, and definitely tested my patience. It’s well worth the effort, though! 😉  

Origami 12 Curler Units - Cuboctahedron

Origami 12 Curler Units – Cuboctahedron

A project you can do at home when you have some spare time. Makes a great gift, too! It would make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift (think: red, pink, white, glitter). Happy folding! 🙂 WARNING: This might be hard for beginners to assemble! HINT: Always twist curls in the same direction, whether it’s clockwise, or…

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Origami Spiky Ball

I learned this recently, and it has become an instant favorite. Why? It only requires 12 units (as opposed to 30, 60, or 90…or 100+), and the results are fantastic for the relatively little time spent! Happy folding! 🙂 P.S. You can also make a larger model with 24 units or 54 units. P.P.S. There’s…

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Origami Bucky Ball – Phizz-30

Another time consuming, both worthwhile origami project! P.S. You can use 90 units (instead of 30). If using 90 units, every pentagon is surrounded by hexagons. If you follow this rule, it will work out! It’ll take a little longer, but the results are great!