Napkin Folding Heart Tutorial

How to fold a napkin into a heart. This napkin folding heart can be folded from cloth napkins or paper napkins. Impress your dinner guests with this napkin folding technique. SELECT MATERIALS / #AD: Polyester Cloth Napkins (Red): Cloth Napkins (Pink): Donate to Origami Tree to support workshops for kids & seniors in…

3d heart book folding tutorial | Jenny W. Chan Origami Tree

3D Book Folding Heart

Learn this easy book folding heart pattern for free! This tutorial will show you how to fold a heart from a book. Folding a book into a heart makes for a perfect Valentine’s day gift idea. Make a 3D paper heart book for your friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc. You can fold pages of old magazines,…

Origami Cupcake Tutorial | Jenny W. Chan, Origami Tree

Origami Cupcake Tutorial

Learn how to make an origami cupcake. This paper cupcake is easy and makes the perfect paper craft for kids. It’s so kawaii, almost good enough to eat! 😉 SELECT MATERIALS/ADS: Origami Paper 3″ x 3″: More Crafting Fun! Origami Bacon and Eggs Tutorial

Aladdin Explosion Box | Origami Tree

(ENDED) Win Tickets to ALADDIN on Broadwway NYC & How to Make an Explosion Box

Congratulations to Henry L. for winning this giveaway. Subscribe to be alerted of future giveaways.   Learn how to make an Explosion Box with simple and easy step-by-step narrated instructions! This pop-up explosion box is opened at the center so you can put gifts, memorabilia, and other memory keepsakes. When the lid is on, the…