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Origami Basket with Handle (2)

In this video, I’ll show you how to make a traditional Origami Basket with a Handle! Customize the Origami Basket even more by adding stickers, writing names, and just be-dazzling it! This is a fun, easy paper craft for kids. It also holds a fair amount of candy (I used six-inch squares, but you can…

Kirigami orb origami origamitree.com

Kirigami Orb / Decorative Ball

Here’s a wonderful little orb for decoration. Reminds me of an Easter egg, so I’ll file this under “Easter crafts.” 🙂 HINT: In this video, I made 8 arches, but you can opt to cut more if you want your orb to stretch lower to the ground, and to be more elongated, in general. It’ll…

flower kusudama origami origamitree.com

Origami Flower Kusudama

This origami ball is gorgeous and perfect for Spring or Summer. It’s surrounded by five-petaled flowers! But yes, it requires a bit of patience. Makes a great ornament/gift, though. 🙂 Origami Design/Model Name: Kusudama Estrella Flor. Design: Ernesto Jimenez Del Rio (Erny),http://plegandoenelaire.blogspot.com.br/2011_07_01_archive.html  Is the assembly part above too fast? REAL-TIME assembly instructions are below!

Origami Basket With Handle

Easter Basket with Handle

Learn to make a cute little basket for Easter treats (with removable handle!) Great for parties, too. Below is a picture of how this would look like as a picture frame (just don’t inflate the basket at the very last few steps). The kid in the photo is my younger cousin, Tyler, by the way.…

origami chick in egg origami origamitree.com

Origami Chick in Egg

Peep! Peep! This chick in an egg is perfect for Easter…or baby showers. 😉 I like taping 2D models like this one to blank cards. It’s an easy way to make your own cards and adding that personal/crafty touch. Design: F. Shingu