bugs bunny costume DIY from Space Jam - Jenny W. Chan Origami Tree

DIY Bunnys Bunny Costume Tutorial

See how I made my DIY Halloween costume! This Halloween, I’ve made a DIY Bugs Bunny Costume from Space Jam. The DIY Bugs Bunny costume includes a Tune Squad jersey/sleeveless shirt with blue ribbon trimming, a felt grey and pink bunny ears headband, and a pair of shorts with a bushy bunny tail and blue…

Spinning Card Tutorial - Spinning Bat Card - Jenny W. Chan, Origami Tree

DIY Spinning Bat Card – Really Spins!

Learn how to make a spinning card for Halloween. This spinning bat card is perfect for Halloween party invitations. When you open the card, the bat really spins! To prepare the card for spinning action, twist the bat multiple times until you feel tension in the thread. Then close the card, and when you open…

Mini Book Tutorial - spells and potions book

Mini Books Tutorial! Potions & Spells

Learn how to make a recycled miniature book. These mini witchcraft spells and potions books are perfect for Halloween! The miniature books are made from primarily recycled cardboard and paint. SELECT MATERIALS & ADS: Quickie Glue, Sakura: http://amzn.to/2fCQvIE Artist’s Loft Acrylic Paints: http://amzn.to/2vA1B5b Mini Glue Gun: http://amzn.to/2uTofmV More Crafting Fun! Origami Blinking Eye Tutorial  …

Origami Bat Tutorial | Jenny W. Chan, Origami Tree

Origami Bat Tutorial

Learn how to make an easy origami bat, and simple paper craft for kids! This origami bat is unique because it starts off with folding a piece of paper on a slant. In the end, the paper bat is still symmetrical! With practice, you can make this bat in UNDER 10 seconds. Try it, I’m…

DIY Paper Spider Web

Learn to how to make a Kirigami Spider Web from one sheet of paper! This paper spider web is made very similarly to a paper snowflake. It involves folding a sheet of paper in half a few times and cutting with a pair of scissors. The paper spider web is great as a Halloween decoration…

Origami Cupcake Tutorial | Jenny W. Chan, Origami Tree

Origami Cupcake Tutorial

Learn how to make an origami cupcake. This paper cupcake is easy and makes the perfect paper craft for kids. It’s so kawaii, almost good enough to eat! 😉 SELECT MATERIALS/ADS: Origami Paper 3″ x 3″: http://amzn.to/2u6UnaT More Crafting Fun! Origami Bacon and Eggs Tutorial