starburst flower origami

Starburst Flowers

These lovely Paper Flowers are a perfect July 4th paper craft idea. They’re also very quick and simple to do. To make a Starburst Flower, all you need is 2 sheets of square paper, a pair of scissors, some tape, and need/thread (a pipe cleaner or bag tie can also work!). If you have some…

rosebud petal and calyx origami

Origami Rose Petal & Calyx

You know that excitement you get when you find a model you absolutely HAVE to share? Maybe you do, or maybe you don’t, but I certainly felt that way when I saw Carolos Bocanegra’s “New Rosebud Petal” and “Calyx.”  It’s pretty simple, and the results are heart-warming. Doesn’t it make you want to garden right…

origami lotus

Origami Lotus

I’ve been meaning to do a tutorial for an origami lotus for a while now. Finally got to it, yay! It’s super pretty and much easier than it looks. It also doesn’t take too much time since the folds are relatively simple. I’m not sure if it floats or not. Will have to test it…

lily kusudama origami

Origami Lily Kusudama

In this video, I will show you how to turn the traditional origami lily into a ball! It’s stunning, and easier than it looks! NOTE: I created 24 units (with 48 sheets of paper), but feel free to make less. I personally like the “over-crowded, dense, organized-chaos look,” but some of you may like the…

origami tulip

Origami Tulip, Stem & Leaf

How to fold a traditional origami tulip and stem / leaf. Perfect craft for Spring, Summer, Mother’s Day, or for any other day to show you care. 🙂 You can plant your own little “origami garden,” which could be fun. Make some lilies, tulips/stems, some floral kusudamas, and you’re good to go.

flower kusudama origami

Origami Flower Kusudama

This origami ball is gorgeous and perfect for Spring or Summer. It’s surrounded by five-petaled flowers! But yes, it requires a bit of patience. Makes a great ornament/gift, though. 🙂 Origami Design/Model Name: Kusudama Estrella Flor. Design: Ernesto Jimenez Del Rio (Erny),  Is the assembly part above too fast? REAL-TIME assembly instructions are below!

little roses kusudama origami

Origami Little Roses Kusudama

When I came across this design by Maria Sinayskaya, I just KNEW I had to dedicate a video to it. I love kusudamas and paper roses. Combine them both, and it’s just too beautiful for words! A wonderful gift for someone you care about. The modules are very easy to make, too, so that’s a…