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Origami Kimono

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make an origami kimono. This is a fun, relatively easy paper craft that is not only pretty, but it would also make a great addition to a blank greeting card (tada! instant DIY paper card!). I recommend using chiyogami paper, or some pretty patterned origami paper so…

Miranda Sings Origami Series Designs and Tutorials by Jenny W Chan

Miranda Sings Origami (#MirandaSingsOrigami)

In celebration of the release of Self-Helf (Self-Help) by Miranda Sings (her new book!), I decided to design a series of Miranda Sings Origami tutorials! For those who don’t know, Miranda Sings is a fictional character played by Colleen Ballinger (now Colleen Evans!), and I have been a HUGE fan for a while now (thanks Sam Silvers for the introduction!).

Bow Tie Card OrigamiTree.com How to Make A Card Thumbnail

Bow Tie Card

Father’s Day is June 21st! What better way to celebrate dads than an easy, handmade DIY Father’s Day Card?! This easy paper craft features a bow tie glued to a A2 sized card. Customize the bottom with any message that you want, or choose a simpler look by just adding a Father’s Day Bow Tie!…

santa boots origami origamitree.com

Origami Boots / Santa Booties / Stockings

In this tutorial, I’ll show you show to make a simple origami Christmas Santa Boot / Stocking. String them with a thread and needle to make a cute decoration for any tree. Or, because it’s 2D, glue them to the back of someone’s Christmas card. It’ll add a nice, handmade touch. 🙂 HAPPY HOLIDAYS, everyone!

origami bracelet origamitree.com

Origami Chainlink Bracelet

How to fold an origami bracelet. I had a bunch of requests to do this one, so here it is! Enjoy! 🙂 Make some for your friends, or for yourself. Use newspaper, magazines, or leftover wrapping paper if you don’t have origami paper. Candy wrappers work well, too! Cover in a thin layer of Mod…