Perler Beads Emojis

Decided to have some fun with perler beads this week! Perler beads are great because they are quick and easy, and the results last a long time – super sturdy if you iron it correctly. Plus, they make great keychains for backpacks and gifts for the kids. Look out for these in a future giveaway, too (perhaps in July).

Enjoy the tutorials, and be sure to let me know what tutorials you’ll like to see next! It could be origami, or not. I’m open to trying anything that’s crafty and fun. 🙂

perler beads emojis origami tree jenny w chan

Perler Beads “Cool” Emoji Tutorial

Perler Beads “Tongue Sticking Out” Emoji Tutorial

Perler Beads “Laughing Tears” Emoji Tutorial