Behind-The-Scenes: Origami Paper Clearance & 20% Entire Purchase Coupon!

Hey Origami Folders!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Sorry I haven’t been blogging too much – have been very busy with work and a bunch of projects. Can’t wait to show them to you! 🙂

So, I stopped by Michaels (675 Ave of Americas NYC) earlier this afternoon and saw, for the first time EVER, origami paper on sale! I have not checked the other Michaels to see if they are having the same sale. I’ve gone to Michaels at least a gazillion times throughout the years, and have NEVER seen origami paper on clearance, so you can imagine my excitement when I saw them today. 😉 I actually exhibited quite a bit of self control and did NOT purchase ANYTHING (gasp). I really just have too, TOO, much origami paper…but now I’m contemplating returning tomorrow. 😛

Most of the smaller kits were originally $7.99, so $3.99 would be a 50% discount. For your reference, I’ve also attached a 20% coupon for your entire purchase (including sale items) to the bottom of this post so you can use it – making each kit $3.19 (before tax) – that’s a 60% discount! 

The larger sets (bottom photos) were originally $11.99, so $6.99 would be a 42% discount. After the additional 20% off coupon, it’ll be $5.59, making that a 53% discount from the original price!

The coupon expires April 25th, 2015. Valid in USA only. Please read the fine print. The coupon would work for me, but I’m not sure if it’ll work for you (it’s worth a try anyway).

Anyway, just some math for you guys – happy shopping (folding!)

Origami Paper 4 Origami Paper 3 Origami Paper 2 Origami Paper 1

Michaels Coupon

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