Behind-the-Scenes: 3D Model Fail & Live Chat This Saturday!

For the past week, I’ve been working non-stop to create a 3D model with triangle units, just in time for December. So, I’m folding, and folding and folding, completed about 500 units (who knows, maybe even more!) and then find out that the darn units won’t stay together! UGH! Have this ever happened to you?

3D modular units white origami

I purchased the paper from eBay – it’s shimmery white, frost-like, color that turns to hints of pink and green when you hold it at different angles. I thought: Wow, this is PERFECT! But fair warning: These shimmery, shiny, pretty sheets do NOT hold well for 3D models.

The paper is simply too slippery. The surface does not have enough friction, AND they are non-responsive to regular paper glue. *Bows head in disappointment* What a let-down.

I spent a good several hours earlier this week trying to put it together, but gave up because I was getting finger cramps. I think I need to set the units aside for a good week before I have the patience to fiddle with it again. Stay tuned, haha. I’m probably boring everyone to death here. 😛

Oh, before I go, don’t forget! I will be doing a LIVE interview with this SATURDAY, NOV 15th at 2PM EASTERN TIME. The live feed can be streamed on either the home page of, the end of this blog post, or at the YouTube link here:

Looking forward to it! “See” you Saturday! 🙂