Behind-the-Scenes: Background Colors

When I first started filming tutorials, I used to film exclusively on black backgrounds. The only reason for that was because I didn’t have any flat surface that was white, LOL.

Then, somewhere down the line, I switched over to a multi-colored surface with plastic, then a white surface with plastic [to keep it from getting dirty], then a CANVAS white surface without plastic, and finally, now, a FLAT white surface WITHOUT plastic. I really just need to make up my mind, haha. I guess I’m still figuring things out. It really is very hard. ;-P

The flat, white surface (without plastic) is my favorite choice by far, but it’s just a pain in the butt to film!

I’m thinking about a royal blue background next…Hmm…

Anyway, after work today, I was in the mood to film a video (with a black background – and NO NARRATION – yeah, so random, right?!). I figured since it’s almost Halloween, I might as well give it a shot.

I have to say, it is definitely more forgiving than white! I still spent quite a while (more time than I wanted) to adjust the coloring, though. And in the end, I was STILL not satisfied. Ay!

But, anyway, here’s the thumbnail for that….it’s uploading on YouTube now, to be published later in the week. Whee! 🙂

Origami Pumpkins

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