Behind-the-Scenes: Photo Shoot!

Had so much fun at Sean Turi Photography last week!

I figured it was time I stopped taking selfies and have something more solid to present on the web. Plus, I was able to use a LivingSocial coupon, which helped to alleviate some of the damage (though only a bit). Yep, that’s me, coupon queen, haha.

Sean was so pleasant to work with. I chose to have two looks done: One just of myself (because I’m just so darn narcissistic!) and one with an origami model that’s only partially done (again with the narcissism). 😛


The first outfit was a very inexpensive dress from Old Navy. I think it was less than $20, but I like it a lot. I love how all the stripes don’t all face in the same direction, how the bottom flares out flawlessly, how it doesn’t wrinkle, etc. Oh, and I like the colors! It’s just fun. Usually, dresses from Old Navy don’t fit me (children’s size is too small, adult size is too large!), but I find that ordering the smallest size on their website (XS Petite) really helps. I’m a little on the tiny size. Don’t know whether that shows on camera. 😛

The second outfit was this black blouse I got last Christmas at Macy’s. I bought this while shopping with a friend (and her mom) visiting from Texas. I really love shopping for clothes with them. They always crack me up. 🙂


We ended up shooting 166 photos. That’s a lot of photos, lol. The hardest part was choosing which ones to use. I was getting a little cross-eyed by the end! Too bad I could only pick a couple (retouching is expensive!). But here were my 2 choices:

origami origami

All in all, I’m pretty satisfied with the photos. I’m not 100% satisfied (I’m ultra picky when it comes to head shots, especially since they cost a fortune), but quite satisfied, which is good. 🙂

The model that I am holding in my hand is the Electra-60 model, which, as the name implies, requires 60 sheets of paper (I used 3″ squares). Together, with the flowers, the entire piece took 120 units and wayyyy too much time/patience, haha. Below is the tutorial if you’re interested in learning how to make it. Although, I will warn it’s not really for beginners.

I’m trying to decide whether I want to keep the Electra-60 model the way that it is now (slightly bare), or go all out and make it “full bloom.” Not quite sure where I want to go with it yet, but I want to make sure that it’s very special. It’s going to be a wedding gift for a friend. Good thing I have a whole year to decide. I can freak out later, haha. 😉

Learn to make the Electra-60 model here!

Or a smaller, Electra-30 mode here!

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