Behind-the-Scenes: Origami Paper – Michaels – UES, NYC

Michaels Paper 1Went to my favorite crafts store today: Michaels!

Of course, nothing in the origami section is ever on sale (I’ve checked time and time again!).

They are also not very well stocked as you can see on the lower shelves.

Nonetheless, I still very much love shopping for origami paper here. I realize that they’ve been receiving a lot of negative publicity lately regarding identity theft and leaked credit card information (eek!), but I remain a loyal customer.

Plus, every so often, they’ll have a virtual coupon for 50% off, so the price then doesn’t become too bad. (Download the app “COUPONS” if you have an iPhone. It’s awesome! is also a safe bet).

Michaels Paper 2

Like walking into a candy store! Well, a very tiny one.

I tend to stray away from these packaged ones above. I think they’re overpriced, although generally speaking, the paper is higher quality and the designs are better.

If I plan on making something special for someone as a gift, then I will purchase these higher quality ones. Otherwise, I will go for the lower, less expensive shelves. 😉 The downside is that if you’re planning on making anything bigger (i.e., a 60-unit kusudama), then you’ll have to purchase multiple packets.

Michaels Paper 3

The “Fold ‘Ems” are pretty fun. They come with pre-printed paper and basically just “everything” you need to create whatever it is they’re advertising on the front (whether it’s animals, dinosaurs, or bracelets). Excellent and geared toward beginners (and advanced folders, too, who are just tired of cutting their own origami paper and digging for diagrams or tutorials, haha). You’re paying for convenience.

Michaels Paper 4

My favorite origami paper (of ALL TIME) can be found on the lowest shelf here (image above). I use these all the time. The colors are just so vibrant and the designs are beautiful. They’re super smooth and easy to work with. The creases come out perfectly. The “3” x 3″ squares come in packs of 300, and cost $6.99-$8.99 (less if you use a coupon). More bang for your buck! I just wish they came in more designs!

One downside to these packaged ones is that if you’re creating a simple kusudama (“simple” meaning each unit is made out of just one sheet of paper), like the Starsea Kusudama, for example, it comes up feeling (and being) extremely flimsy. But for folding single-unit models (like a simple crane), they’re wonderful. In fact, if you check out the simple crane tutorial, I used paper purchased from these packs!

(bottom) Two opened packets, closer view.

Michaels Paper 5 Michaels Paper 6

And finally, at the lowest shelf, you’ll find the kits you typically find in book stores, like Barnes and Noble. The $11.99 price tag actually isn’t too bad for what it is. I personally wouldn’t buy these formyself, but I think they would make wonderful gifts and fun starter kits. Starter kits are fun, in general. 🙂

Michaels Paper 7

Michaels just opened their second store in Manhattan this past weekend. I plan on visiting that one soon. 🙂